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Artistic Metallica Finishes is your first choice in Specialist, Architectural and Decorative finishing with its unique liquid-metal technology, coupled with artistic textured paint and resin systems for either contemporary or traditional style.

The patented Metallica process combines various binding agents with real powdered or ‘atomised’ metals and alloys, including (non-exhaustively) bronze, brass, copper, aluminium, nickel, zinc and iron, in order to create a ‘liquid metal’ which can then be applied onto any given solid substrate, or cast into any given 3-dimentional shape. Once applied, the liquid metal is allowed to cold-cure into a metal veneer, which ultimately possesses the totality of attributes and characteristics exhibited by solid metal.

Our standard metal range approximates 200 different finishes, and includes “antique”, or prematurely aged metal finishes, as well as verdigris, rust and patina finishes. Where a required finish does not fall within our standard range, our applicators are able to replicate most other metallic and, in many circumstances, non-metallic finishes, limited of course by the basic colour-tones of the metals we apply. Substrates we coat regularly include, but are not limited to, MDF, GRP, GRC, GRG, calcium-silicate, concrete, steel, aluminium, resin, timber and plaster/gypsum.

Our finishes can and have been implemented externally as well as internally, and are regularly used in marine environments. Signs, sculptures, water-features, feature-walls & panels, tiles, balustrades, elevator-doors, furniture, ceiling-tiles and external moulded domes are common examples of substrates to which our metal-coatings are regularly applied. Importantly, our finishes demonstrate 0 levels of ignitibility, spread of flame, heat evolution and smoke-propagation, and are therefore suitable for use in all public areas. Please see the Technical Specifications page for more information.

Although the majority of our metal-finishes are applied within our specialist-factory, where necessary our coatings can be applied “on-site”, subject to certain site-related and health and safety conditions being met.