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Kensington has teamed up with the distinguished Ricky Tsang to provide bespoke creative content specifically videography and stills.

August 24, 2020 Blog, blogs, latest news 0
<B>Kensington has teamed up with the distinguished Ricky Tsang to provide bespoke creative content specifically videography and stills.</B>

Kensington Videography Services by Ricky Tsang

Kensington and Ricky have been working together both in the UK and UAE creating digital content for both companies websites, influencers social media platforms and general commercial advertising. Specific areas of expertise include but are not limited to Fitness and Fashion.

Our main objective is the produce creative content to showcase your brand, business services and products edited with a quality that delivers a timeless asset to your brand.

Exceeds Expectation

Ricky Tsang really has created quite a stir in his home town of Belfast with both his creativity and ability to truly interpret his clients brand values.

His work drives a audience call to action that has delivered a return on investment to his clients beyond expectations.

Born in Belfast, Ireland, the 29 year old is working with a broad portfolio of luxury brands, high net worth companies and some of the UK’s leading influencers.

Dubai and the UAE

With a number of projects now being serviced in Dubai and the UAE, we are excited to announce that Ricky has chosen to join our team exclusively.

For all enquiries and requests please contact us directly for further information, show reels and portfolio.

Kensington & AXLR8 develop a manpower supply software tailored to Events, Film &TV, and Freelance dominated staffing sectors.

July 22, 2020 Blog, blogs, latest news 0
<B>Kensington & AXLR8 develop a manpower supply software tailored to Events, Film &TV, and Freelance dominated staffing sectors.</B>

Kensington and AXLR8 have been working together for more than a decade.  Building on the expertise, Kensington will now be providing consulting and implementation services for AXLR8 systems in the Emirates and the surrounding region.


AXLR8 has an excellent worldwide reputation in government, finance and commercial sectors for Manpower Deployment, Job Tracking, CRM and Accounting in a broad range of industries, including, but not limited to, Events, Security, Brand Activation, Casting Agency, Facility Management,  Finance Brokers and Professional Services Automation.

AXLR8 was founded in 1993 in the UK, and exclusively served one client for the first 6 years of its inception. That client went on to become a very successful sales and service company as a result. They used the system to help acquire and keep 300 of the Times Top 1000 companies as clients and many public sector organisations.

Kensington in conjunction with AXLR8 has developed integrated systems, portals and apps bespoke to our Events, Film & TV, Training and Freelance Consultancy Divisions whilst also serving our Sales Managers across all our trading activities in regards to Client Relation Management and Marketing.

Benefits of our developed system include:

  • Job and asset tracking and administration and finance facilities
  • Compliance including KYC, MLA and Health & Safety
  • E-learning
  • Survey and data collection tools
  • CRM, Sales and marketing tools
  • Asset Management installed base maintenance
  • Flexible Staffing Management including geotagging and other forms of time and attendance tracking

Kensington continues to invest into ensuring that we best serve our client and remain industry leaders in combing innovation with our decades of experience in the UAE to ensure we continue to deliver a service that offers “Quality with Distinction.”

The new and innovative AXLR8 mobile phone app is now available for free download on both the App Store and the Google Play Store. With this application download, you will be able to view any new and upcoming jobs available to your skillset as well as you being able to create your own profile where employers can find you based on your strengths and abilities.

Please contact us directly for more information.

Acrylic Health Screens for Gyms, Cinemas & Retail Space

May 26, 2020 Blog, blogs, latest news 0
<b>Acrylic Health Screens for Gyms, Cinemas & Retail Space</b>

Acrylic Health Screens & Sneeze Guards for Gyms

Dubai Gyms are required to install Acrylic Health Screens between each piece of equipment as part of a proactive body of guidelines to promote a safe and healthy environment for all persons. Whilst the primary reason for such precautions is to mitigate the risk of Covid 19 / Coronavirus infection, it also serves to reassure all customers.

Picture of a redesigned gym for social distancing 😳 pic.twitter.com/i1RsQ9H1oN — The Seasoned Vet (@SuedeThompson) May 11, 2020

Source :Picture of a redesigned gym for social distancing 😳 pic.twitter.com/i1RsQ9H1oN -The Seasoned Vet (@SuedeThompson) May 11, 2020

Kensington are supplying Restaurants, Gyms, Cinemas, Hotels and Retail spaces with Acrylic Protective Screens.

Our designs are:

  • Bespoke to the venue
  • Easy to clean
  • High Quality Acrylic
  • Branded
  • Varied in design
  • Fixed or Free Standing


Precautionary Guidelines for Gym reopening after Coronavirus lockdown

Precautionary Guidelines for Gyms reopening after Coronavirus lock-down

Please contact us directly for more information or call 04 333 2668

Acrylic Screens offer the extra layer of reassurance for Restaurant guests

May 23, 2020 Blog, blogs, latest news 0
<b>Acrylic Screens offer the extra layer of reassurance for Restaurant guests</b>
Acrylic Screens for Restaurants

Acrylic Screens in Restaurants offer an extra layer of reassurance against Covid 19

Acrylic Table Screens for Restaurant & Covid-19

With the need for restaurants to reassure their guests that they are taking all precautions to mitigate the risk of Covid 19 / Coronavirus infection we here at Kensington are supplying restaurants with Acrylic Protective Screens.

Our designs are:

  • Bespoke to the restaurant.
  • Easily handled so they can be removed subject to the varying table and seating plans of the day.
  • High Quality Acrylic
  • Branded
  • Optional Channel lighting
Restaurant Hygiene Screens

Mitigating the risk of Covid 19 in Restaurants.

The protective screens can enhance protection against airborne viruses like Covid-19, Coronavirus and other Bacteria and Viruses.

They can either be floor free standing, on table top and if semi permanent can be illuminated and for certain areas are complete with planters.

Of course, with permitted occupancy only being currently 30%, space planning and cover turnover is critical to all F&B Directors, Restaurant Owners and Managers.

We will consult with you to provide a solution that not only reassures guest but that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing, whilst supporting the recent Dubai Municipality Provisional Guidelines for Food Establishments in Dubai.

Acrylic Screens for Restaurants

Acrylic Screens, branded and bespoke to your floor plan

Gyms / Offices / Retail / Leisure

In addition to Restaurants we can also provide Acrylic Screen Solutions in the fight against Covid 19 for Gyms, Offices, Retail, Leisure, Hotels

Please contact us directly for more information.

ESP Kensington Design – You are in safe hands.

May 14, 2020 Blog, blogs, latest news 0
<b>ESP Kensington Design – You are in safe hands.</b>

ESP Kensington Design – You are in safe Hands.

Kensington ensures that with all Projects, Events, Brand Activations and TV & Film Production we implement robust protocols to mitigate the risk of COVID 19 infection in line with best practice and government regulations.

These protocols are reviewed and amended regularly subject to regulatory changes, innovations or discovery.

(Updated 13th May 2020)

Operating Hours

Operating hours are currently 6am to 10pm. However, the Event Manager / Producer should ensure that all crew are able to wrap and depart for their respective accommodations / residences so that they arrive at their destination before the curfew time commences.


Information in relation to COVID 19, the structure of the Protein Molecule and how to reduce its disintegration (decay) time is available for all persons to review and understand further.


Access will only be permitted to those between the ages of 18 and 60 unless Government regulations change.

All PERSONS will be required:

  • Wear the correct PPE
    • 3 Ply Mask
    • Surgical Gloves / Protective Work Gloves
    • Safety Glasses / Safety Visor (Optional)
  • Complete COVID 19 Health Declaration Form
  • Undergo Temperature Checks (Start of Day and End of Day)
  • Hand Sanitizers will be available upon entry with additional hand sanitizer stations through out the event space / set / location, as needed.

Please note that any person showing symptoms of Covid19 will be refused access.

Please further note that upon request we will supply, on a hire basis, a thermal temperature camera at the point of ingress.

  • Crew numbers are not to exceed regulatory guidelines subject to event or activity.


Will be disinfected prior to installation and labelled accordingly stating when and who disinfected the item. This must be done within the certain time period prior to the event.

Equipment to be regularly disinfected throughout the course of the event.

Catering /Crew Meals (Including Craft)

  • No buffet catering to be supplied, boxed meals (packed lunches) only.
  • Any available drinks such as water, tea or coffee to be issued in disposable cup only, sugars and milks to be in single serving portion packaging and issued upon request.
  • All consumable items spoons/stirrers to be disposable.
  • Any additional craft such as biscuits or chips to be distributed in single serving portions to everyone individually.
  • All items including bottles and packaging must be disinfected,
  • Service of all items will be in a such a way as to avoid surface contamination.
  • Any persons handling food are to wash their hands regularly.

Crew Agency / Talent / Client Seating

  • All available seating to be 2 M apart.
  • Seating (Fixed or otherwise) that is not permitted to be used based on this rule should be clearly labelled and caution tape will be used where possible.

Workstations and Working Areas / Sets / Location

We ensure that our disinfection team continue to disinfect the event space regularly through the course of the event, inclusive of agreed common areas when required.

Makeup, Hair and Wardrobe

  • Talent and Makeup Artists, Hair Stylists are all to ensure hands are washed regularly.
  • Applicators such as lipstick, mascara and such like are NOT to be reused.
  • Any costume warn must be placed in the laundry bag immediately after use and washed accordingly, without compromise.

Should you require any mobile wash stations, sanitization stations or similar please contact us directly at gareth@kensingtondesign.ae

Alternatively if you require a Risk Assessment of your activity, please also contact us directly.

Copper mitigating the risk of Covid 19 infection

May 12, 2020 Blog, blogs, latest news 0
<b>Copper mitigating the risk of Covid 19 infection</b>

Kensington Design is applying  a copper coating to your fixtures and fittings, such as push plates on doors, in Healthcare Facilities and establishments with high footfall and risk.

Copper mitigating the risk of Covid 19 infection

“Copper’s use in health care equipment and facilities and in public places will undoubtedly grow significantly when the cost of copper, which has been a barrier in the past, is measured by the enormous cost to society that is being brought on by this pandemic,” Freeport CEO Richard Adkerson told a briefing last week.

Why use Copper?

Copper has been more successful than any other realistic means of sterilizing these areas with a high potential for spreading infection. Copper fixtures in hospitals offer the potential to reduce the risks associated with being admitted to these facilities and improve the outcomes for many patients

The Evidence.

Spee3D commissioned Melbourne laboratory 360biolabs to look at how SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19, reacts to copper.

The results showed that 96 percent of the virus was killed off in two hours and 99.2 percent in 5 hours, compared to no change on stainless steel surfaces.

This is in line with a US-government funded study published in March that found SARS-CoV-2 remained viable for up to 4 hours on copper, compared with 2 to 3 days on plastic and stainless steel.

Source: Arab News https://arab.news/gbbug (Reuters)

The Product.

From Handles and Push Plates to Washroom and Bathroom Fittings our team are able to Copper Coat your fixtures and fittings as per your requirements. Should you have a bespoke design or general enquiry please do not hesitate to contact us directly.